4 Ways to Fix Unreadable SD Cards and Their Causes

by Desain Arena

Desainarena.com – Encountering issues with reading memory cards on smartphones can pose a significant obstacle to accessing stored data on SD cards. Despite the inconvenience, fixing unreadable SD cards can be a straightforward process. In this article, we will explore four methods to address this issue and delve into the common causes behind it.

4 Ways to Fix Unreadable SD Cards and Their Causes

Causes of Unreadable Memory Cards

  • Dust Contamination: Dust particles adhering to small components can disrupt the reading process and potentially damage the entire memory card, rendering it unreadable.
  • Oil Spills: Accidental oil spills, though rare, can occur when using a memory card near oily sources or with greasy hands.
  • Excessive Usage: Overusing the memory card, especially by storing files exceeding its capacity, can lead to permanent damage and make it unreadable.
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Methods to Fix Unreadable SD Cards

Try Another Device

  • Some compatibility issues may arise due to the SD card’s type not matching the phone’s specifications.
  • Users should attempt to insert the card into a different device or use an alternative card reader.
  • Researching compatible SD card types for the specific phone model is advisable.

Clean the SD Card

  • Remove the SD card from the device (smartphone, camera, etc.).
  • Clean the copper contact points gently using an eraser until they appear clean.
  • Reinsert the card into the device and check if the damaged SD card is detected.

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