5 Free Android Apps for Creating 3D Animated Animations

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Desainarena.com – Producing high-quality 3D animations with ease has become an accessible reality for anyone, especially through Android smartphones dominating the current market share. There are various 3D Animated Animation Maker Apps on Android.

5 Free Android Apps for Creating 3D Animated Animations

However, with numerous options available, choosing the right application can be a challenging task. Therefore, this article will present a guide to the 12 latest applications for creating 3D animations that can be accessed for free via the Android platform.

5 Free Android Apps for Creating Moving 3D Animations

Toontastic 3D

Creating 3D animations on Android devices can be done through the Toontastic 3D app. As known, this application can be downloaded and used directly on smartphones.

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Toontastic 3D offers a creative platform for users to produce their unique animations. Users can draw and design each animation scene according to their imagination.

Moreover, this application also allows users to add various audio elements such as sound and music to their animations, enhancing the appeal and overall quality of the produced work.


FlipaClip, a popular app for creating 3D animations on the Android platform, offers an intuitive interface for users. With the ability to create frame-by-frame animations, this app comes with various features that enrich the user experience.

Users can easily access tools like pencils and brushes, as well as use the onion skin feature to view previous frames in detail. Additionally, FlipaClip also allows users to add sound, music, and text elements to provide additional dimensions to their animated works.

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With a number of features available at no additional cost, FlipaClip can be used to create 3D animations quickly and conveniently.

Anime Maker

The third Android 3D animated animation maker app that can be accessed via the Play Store is Anime Maker, an app with a file size of 8.5 MB. Its popularity is comparable to similar apps, with over 1 million users having downloaded it for its ability to create stunning 3D animations.

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