How to Fix Missing Windows Thumbnails

by Desain Arena – Thumbnails are small images in Windows that play a crucial role in facilitating file navigation, especially when dealing with photo files in Windows Explorer.

How to Fix Missing Windows Thumbnails

When there are numerous photos in Windows Explorer, thumbnails allow us to preview them without opening each file individually. This feature proves to be highly beneficial, saving us from the hassle of opening each photo when searching for a specific image.

Causes of Missing Windows Thumbnails

Several factors can lead to the absence of thumbnails in Windows, including Windows Explorer settings configured to hide thumbnails and System Advanced settings set to conceal thumbnails for performance optimization.

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System Advanced settings are typically intended to enhance Windows performance. For those unfamiliar, certain components of System Advanced can contribute to sluggish laptop performance, prompting users to disable some of its features.

How to Display Windows Thumbnails

To display thumbnails on Windows, I will provide two methods. The first method utilizes Windows Explorer, and the second involves using System Advanced.

Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is the built-in file manager in Windows, serving the purpose of displaying all files, including system files (operating system, applications, etc.) and personal files (photos, music, videos, etc.).

In Windows Explorer, there is a section dedicated to configuring (showing/hiding) thumbnails. Users are given the option to display or hide them. Here’s how:

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Open Windows Explorer on your laptop.

Click on “File” and select “Change folder and search options” (if not visible, it might be labeled as “Options“).

How to Fix Missing Windows Thumbnails

Move to the “View” tab. Uncheck “Always show icons, never thumbnails” and check “Display file icon on thumbnails.

How to Fix Missing Windows Thumbnails

Finally, click “Apply” and “Ok.”

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